Becoming a tenant

We provide high quality business space to allow you to grow your business and we'll be there step-by-step to support you along the way.

Applying for a property

It is important to choose not only the right property, but the right landlord partner to help you and your business. We work in parternship with our customers to create the mutual value that benefits you, us and our local communities.

Before you start your journey with us, we want you to know what to expect from us and what we'll expect from you. That way we can get off to a great start.

Things to know before renting


Applying for a property

To find out more about a property, contact the relevant agent listed in the property details. If you don't know which property you're interested in and want to discuss what property would suit your business most, email us at  

We will need to make sure you are prepared by checking your credit and your business plan. We will explain everything we need from you and how we work with our customers as part of the process of finding you the right space.

A key consideration is making sure you are financially prepared as a business. We cannot help you with everything and we have created a calculator to help you work out your set up costs. We advise you seek help from organisations like the London Business Hub

Considering your application

We openly market our properties to create opportunities for as many businesses as possible. When we receive more than one offer for a property, we will consider applications on factors including level of rent and suitability in the local area. Some properties also only allow certain uses.

Permitted property uses

The type of business you can run in one of our properties falls into different categories. We will consider a wide range of businesses and uses.

Conflicting use

We are unlikely to accept applications from similar retailers if there is an existing offering in the area, unless station footfall justifies multiple offers (applies more to retail units).

Our leases

Our leases

Lease length

Our standard leases are for five years. These are negotiated on an individual basis depending on the type of property you've applied for. Your lease will specify what the premises may be used for and will also identify the extent of the property contained in the lease.

Lease type

All leases are excluded from the security of tenure and compensation provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This means that when your lease expires, your landlord is not obliged to grant you a new lease under the Act.



Rent is payable quarterly in advance by direct debit. The rental figure quoted includes rent for the landlord but doesn't include rates, outgoings (including utilities), taxes or service charge. The rental figure may include a turnover provision.

Rent reviews and lease renewals

We may carry out a rent review, in accordance with your lease, part way through your lease term. This allows us to consider changes in the market and set a fair rent, reflecting comparable rents paid locally.

Towards the end of your lease, we will discuss what happens when the lease runs out, including opportunities to renew your lease where appropriate and how this will be negotiated.

Property fit-out

Property fit-out

We want you to make the most of your property so it works best for your business. We will support you through maintenance and fit-outs. Working with your property surveyor, you can agree a safe system of works for the task you want to carry out.

First, discuss the work you want to carry out with your property manager. You'll need to have written approval of your proposals from us before doing any works.

Retail design standards

Our design standards tell you about our technical requirements for new property fit-outs and upgrade works. Your property surveyor can help you to understand these requirements.

Property design checklist

Use this checklist to remind you what information you'll need to submit when you request a change of design for your property.

Change request form

If you'd like to change anything at your property, you'll need to complete this form and send it to us. 

London Underground Access Card

If your property is in a London Underground station and you need access to operational areas, you'll need a London Underground Access (LUAS) card. You'll also need our approval before your maintenance contractors start work on our premises.


UK government regulations advise you on safely fitting out and operating a business:

  • Sub-surface Regulations 2009
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • Building Regulations 2010

The process of reviewing your application will incur a surveying fee and legal fees for formalising and recording the works. These fees will be appropriate for the level of work to be done.

Health & Safety

Health, safety and environment and statutory compliance

We have prepared a clear guide to your responsibilities for compliance for your business premises. 

You are responsible for the statutory compliance of the property and all systems which include but not limited to these surveys and certificates:

  • Asbestos survey and management plan
  • Fire alarm system
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Electrical test certification
  • Pressure vessel certificates (if applicable)
  • Emergency lighting
  • Lifting equipment insurance examination (if applicable)

These and other topics are covered on the Health & Safety Executive website.

Your property surveyor can help you understand what is needed and your lease requirements. You must report incidents and accidents to them.

Fire and electrics

It's a priority for us that your property is safe, so make sure your property complies with all fire precautions:

  • Check that the fire extinguishers are full and in working order and maintained every 12 months
  • Know your fire escape routes and procedures
  • Keep flammable stocks to a minimum and where appropriate in suitable storage containers
  • Make sure all electrical equipment has been PAT tested before use

Waste and sustainability

We encourage tenants to act responsibly and ethically by reducing the amount of packaging used and looking at the environmental impact of fit-outs. Waste disposal is managed across the network in different ways and is determined at different locations on a case-by-case basis. 

Your designated property surveyor and your local operational contact will have more information.


Security continues to be of paramount importance - as a TfL tenant, you play a key role in keeping London safe.

Report anything suspicious to a member of TfL staff or call the British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016.

If the property is in a station, all staff must sign in at the station supervisor's office and sign out on departure. You will need a LUAS card for access to operational areas.

Our security guidance leaflet has more information.



It is your responsibility to complete planned maintenance to keep your property safe and functioning properly. We need to ensure compliance with our safety standards and fire safety - to help with this we've set out your maintenance responsibilities in your lease.

Working closely with your designated property surveyor is the best way to create a customer-friendly and safe environment for our passengers.

If you're unsure of your maintenance responsibilities, please get in touch with your designated property surveyor or email us at