Residential Tenants & Repairs

We want you to be able to enjoy your home. As one of our residential tenants, different guidelines and regulations apply than for our commercial tenants.

Contact our Residential Team

Contact our Residential Team

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When you contact us, give us your name, the full address of the property and a contact telephone number.
If contractors are called to deal with something you, as the tenant, claimed was an emergency but was not, the costs of the call out will be recharged to you.

A maintenance surveyor might need to call at your property to inspect the repair before an order is raised to an external contractor. This may be to check if a special repair is needed or if something needs to be replaced rather than repaired.

For general enquiries about the property you occupy, contact your property surveyor.

Under Sections 11 to 16 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as superseded by the Housing Act 1988), we, as your landlord, are responsible for the repair of the structure and exterior of your premises and certain installations for the supply of gas, water and electricity and sanitation.

Health and safety

Regular checks completed by us

To make sure you and your property are safe, we do annual checks on your property. From time to time, we'll ask to view your property to ensure that it's in good condition. We'll give you at least 24-hours notice to get access to premises.

Fire safety in your property

You can help to ensure that you keep safe by:

  • Reviewing the escape routes from your property to make sure they are unobstructed and unlocked. If this includes a shared area, please check that all fire doors and/or security gates fitted are unlocked
  • Checking that any materials, goods or other obstructions in exit routes that could slow up your escape are removed
Health and safety

Paying your rent

When you start with us your surveyor will explain what rent you need to pay us - this is invoiced monthly. Paying by direct debit means you pay on time and your bank charges may be reduced.

In most cases, you'll be responsible for paying council tax, electricity, gas, water and insurance directly to the supplier.

Your deposit

The deposit we ask for will be safely secured with an authorised deposit protection scheme. We will return your deposit once you've left, providing you have kept to the terms of your agreement.

Any disputes about the refund of your deposit will be managed by the deposit protection service which acts as an independent body. The property manager will give you details of the scheme.

Paying your rent

Other supports

We're available to support you so don't hesitate to contact your property surveyor if you need any information. Full details of the service we provide is in your welcome pack.

If you want professional advice about any aspect of your tenancy. please contact Citizens Advice.

We also have useful guidance documents on repairs and Legionnaire's disease.

Your feedback helps us improve our performance. Find out how to send your feedback.

Other supports

Please check these responsibilities before contacting us about a repair.

Our responsibilities

We are responsible for carrying out repairs to the structure and exterior of the building, including:

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • Roof, foundations, walls, doors and windows
  • Any chimney and chimney stack, excluding sweeping
  • Any paths, steps, entrances to the property and fences previously installed by London Underground
  • Major plaster works
  • Painting (exterior only)
  • Installation for heating, hot water, sanitation, the supply of gas and electricity (from the meters)
  • Basins, sinks, baths, toilets and cisterns
  • Waste pipes, overflows and other plumbing
  • Electrical fittings and wiring
  • Plumbing (excluding appliances supplied by the tenant)
  • Individual heaters, heating systems and hot water appliances previously installed by London Underground
  • Communal areas to blocks of flats such as corridors, stairways and entrances
  • Communal facilities like television aerials, door entry systems, rubbish chutes, lifts and stairway lighting
Your responsibilities

As a tenant, you are responsible for the internal decoration of the property and any fittings that belong to you or have been installed by you, for example any cooker, washing machine, fridge freezer, curtain rails, additional kitchen fittings or shower fittings (if installed by you).

You must also make minor repairs internal to your property, including:

  • Letter boxes, flaps, door knockers and door bells, door locks, latches and bolts
  • Kitchen cupboard door handles, catches and hinges
  • Kitchen drawer handles
  • Plugs and chains to sinks, wash-hand basins and baths
  • Hat and coat rails and hooks
  • Pull chain or cord to high level toilet flushing cistern
  • Any fire grates, surrounds and bars
  • Electric plugs (but excluding plug sockets)
  • Replacement of any internal cracked or broken glass
  • Draught-proofing of doors and windows
  • Minor cracks to plasterwork

You must take reasonable care of the property and must report any repairs to us. You are responsible to us for any damage to your property caused by neglect or negligence on your or a visitor's part.