Skills, Training and Education
Skills, Training and Education

Skills, Training and Education

For us to build 20,000 homes, to create sustainable, flexible and connected workspaces and unlock more of TfL’s property portfolio, we rely on people who are skilled, experienced and trained. That’s why we’ve introduced skills and education programmes to energise the property industry with new talent and inspire the next generation of city‑shapers and placemakers. 

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Since 2019, we have collaborated closely with industry leading employers to create an inclusive, fair and progressive culture that develops and nurtures new talent. We have trained over 7,250 new Londoners, and more than 2,750 of those have progressed into paid opportunities.

Are you a business or employee that is looking to partner with us to help upskill more Londoners? 

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Careers and Development

We’re working hard to increase diversity at all levels in the property industry. Londoners have been accredited through the construction skills certification scheme via our network of Skills Centres, while others have completed apprenticeships and in‑work NVQs. Courses range from trade‑based skills to specialist courses, and there’s been significant interest in innovative green skills. So whether it be an in-demand specialist trade-based role, a project manager, digital engineer, or an architect or designer, our skills and education programme has something for everyone.

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The Skills Centre

Local Authorities

Local authorities play a crucial role in upskilling Londoners to help benefit local communities and to lay the foundation for industry improvement. They can help facilitate opportunities for Londoners of all backgrounds to consider a career in construction and enable them to gain the skills employers need most.

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The Skills Centre

Referral Partners

With decades of experience and strong community ties, Places for London is the ideal partner for helping young people and adults develop the skills they need to succeed. Through our partnership with The Skills Centre, we deliver customised programmes that address local needs and job opportunities, drawing on insights from employers and government agencies.

Our inclusive approach ensures everyone has a chance to progress, regardless of their past experiences or education level.

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1. Are there any costs associated with one of your courses?

No, courses provided by the Places for London skills centres, including career advice, workshops, and training sessions, are free of charge for job seekers. 

2. Who is eligible to be trained at one of your Skills Centres?

Our Skills Centres serve all Londoners. Anyone living in London can access our services and programs.

3. What kind of training and workshops are available?

We offer essential skills workshops, community events, and live courses covering a range of topics such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and industry-specific skills. Please visit The Skills Centre for more information.

4. Where are the Skills Centres located?

Our Skills Centres are strategically located across London to serve local communities effectively. For specific addresses, please visit the Skills Centre website

5. How do I sign up for a course?

To register your interest for a course simply get in touch with our partner, The Skills Centre who will be able to register you for a fully funded course. You can contact them here:

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Places for London is more than just a property company, we're a team passionate about building thriving communities across London. 

Graduates, Trainees & Apprentices

Discover our tailored programs designed to kickstart your property career, from immersive apprenticeships to comprehensive graduate schemes and industry placements.

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