Working with innovators of all sizes to solve London's challenges
At Places for London, we’re weaving sustainability into the fabric of urban life, recognising that innovative solutions are vital to meeting the challenges of our growing city. 

Innovation at Places for London isn't just a buzzword; it's about practical steps towards a greener, more vibrant city for all.


We work with market innovators to solve ongoing problems that London faces. This enables us to work towards a greener, safer, more inclusive future for London. To get there we are partnering with market innovators to apply new ways of thinking as well as new technologies in order to solve TfL's challenges.

Our Approach

We work with innovators of all sizes to solve TfL's challenges. Rather than prescribing solutions, we instead look to the market for creative, resourceful and novel approaches to our problems. The International Chamber of Commerce has recognised us as 'leaders in open innovation'.

To encourage these partnerships, we provide funding, expertise, mentorship and access to the TfL network. Innovating with the market lets us solve problems quickly and more cost-effectively, improving our network and making life better for Londoners.
As well as solving current TfL challenges, we are also keen to meet with innovators who can help us understand the direction of travel for emerging technologies.  

In all cases, whether we're carrying out horizon scanning or running a live challenge, we're focused on mobility innovations that will further the aims of the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

Our Approach

Case Studies

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We are passionate to play our role rectifying the climate crisis and creating inclusive growth. We will work closely with local communities all over London, to understand and respond to their hopes and needs, creating a city where everyone can feel at home in a healthy environment.

Design & Heritage

Our legacy of design excellence is founded on the development of strong principles. With a rich history of design, we continue to build on TfL's iconic identity and factor design and heritage in everything we build and restore.